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EMDR for Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

As part of the EMDR for ADHD manual, Noelle has designed a specific set of interventions to address the experience of rejection sensitive dysphoria.

In August 2023, Noelle gave a training on this topic to a group of EMDR trained clinicians.

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“The EMDR for RSD course was enlightening on many levels for me. I was skeptical initially. My interest in enrolling was more out of curiosity related to the volume of clients who recently came through my door diagnosing themselves with Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD). I saw it as the latest social media meme more than a clinical assessment.

However, Noelle’s course was an eye-opener for me.
It was packed with research and neuroscience references that made a clear case for RSD in ADHD. Then, she demonstrated an application for EMDR that brings relief to those suffering the intense, persistent sense of rejection in so many facets of their lives.

It was a packed few hours, and well worth it.”

Eileen Peterson, MSW, RCSW

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