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EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant in Training

Noelle Lynn


Noelle Lynn, LMSW, ADHD-CCSP, is a licensed clinical social worker and ADHD and trauma specialist. She currently runs her private therapy practice in partnership with the ADHD Center of West Michigan (www.miadhd.com).

Noelle is passionate about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD across the lifespan. She is committed to improving the lives of all people with ADHD through innovative and dignity-filled interventions. During graduate school, Noelle focused her studied on those with ADHD. She earn passing with distinction on her Master's Thesis original research project called "Women & ADHD Functional Impairments: Beyond the Obvious" (access here: https://scholarworks.gvsu.edu/theses/933/)

Noelle has completed over 4,000 EMDR sessions with ADHD and neurodivergent clients. She has developed a variety of EMDR based interventions which help those with ADHD experience symptom improvement. She is currently submitting her publishing package to publishers and expects the EMDR for ADHD manual to be published sometime in 2025.

Noelle's knowledge and experience of using EMDR goes far beyond working with clients who only have ADHD. The vast majority of her clients have multiple co-occurring diagnoses, which often creates clinical complexity. Noelle's experience extends to working with those who have ADHD and:

- PTSD/ Complex PTSD

- Autism

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Bipolar Disorder

- Anxiety Disorders

...and more.

Contact Noelle today if you are interested in case consultations!

Noelle is an

EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist.

She is also an EMDRIA Consultation in Training.

Working with Noelle allows those who are working towards EMDRIA Certification to gain required consultations hours towards certification.

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